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Félix Vallotton, The Ball, 1899

The Ball is one of the best known paintings by Félix Vallotton.  Against the broad ochre stretch of ground and the deep shade of the trees, pierced by a pale area, the running child makes a bright splash of light preceded by a dark shadow. He is wearing a yellow hat with a red ribbon, a sort of broad-brimmed boater, and a mop of blond hair escapes from under the brim. His little boots are a dull orange colour, his white smock is buttoned at the back and floats behind him in the wind. The ball he is chasing is red.

Echoing the pale mass of the child are two equally pale figures standing side by side, one blue and one white. The diminutive size of the two women suggests that they are located in the far background, yet the space seems to be flat and frontal. - Musée d’Orsay

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